Where to fish

Anglers in our region are very lucky to have great Fly fishing within 2 hours or less by car. We have native Brook trout populations in several streams. We also have world famous spring creeks within short driving distance. We also have various streams, lakes, and ponds that offer a wide variety of fishing experiences for the most seasoned angler to the person just starting out. Please explore the information below to see for yourself how lucky we are to live where we do.


Mentor Program - "Beginners & Beyond"
Ken Bowyer provides one-on-one streamside fly fishing instruction to PPTU members. Participants must show commitment by having waders or hip boots, a rod and reel outfit, and leader. Discussions will include equipment, knots, casting, flies, dry fly and nymphing techniques,entomology, reading water, conservation, etc. at nearby streams. Instruction will be tailored to individual needs. Members who have not made an Annual Supporting Contribution will be asked to contribute $20.


Contact Ken at 301-627-7154 or by email: kenbowyer@verizon.net