Learning Center

If you're new to fly fishing, the following articles will help in getting started:


 StartFlyFishing.pdf by Jay Sheppard


 LeadersSimplified.pdfby Jay Sheppard


 waders_selection_care.pdf by Jay Sheppard


There are excellent on-line resources for those new to the sport. Youtube is a great resource for learning how to cast to tying flies. The Orvis Learning Center is another great resource. Orvis' learning center offers short and concise instructions on vurtually every topic in the fly fishing universe. 


In addition to the articles listed above, you can rent instructional videos from our library when you attend our chapter meetings, obtain stream side instruction through our Mentor Program, and join other members on outings that are scheduled throughout the year.


An excellent source for fishing Maryland streams is the "Guide To Maryland Trout Fishing, The Catch-and-Release Streams" by Charlie Gelso and Larry Coburn. The second edition was published in 2006 and you can purchase a copy at one of our chapter meetings or in local fly shops. This book provides access maps, fishing techniques, and key hatches on our local streams.