It's never as bad as you think

Realizing that the odds of me fishing anytime over the weekend were slim to none, it occurred to me that things could be worse. The expert opinion of the weather forecasters are calling for rain and chilly weather in my part of Maryland. Granted, it's not going to be as cold as it has been, but it's still cold enough when you mix in rain.

Now it would be easy enough for me to feel sorry for myself, but then I have to realize that I live in an area where I can basically fish year round. After all it has only been a week since I fished. I was heading back to the DC metro from where I'm originally from in south central PA and I decided to spend a little time on the Yellow Breeches. Before that, I fished the Gun Powder and the Patuxent over the holidays.
I think it's safe to say that in most parts of the Mid-Atlantic people can fish basically year round. 
I would hate to live in area where rivers freeze over or the snow gets too deep to even crawl to a river. I feel bad for people in New England or out west where the season actually does come to an end, at least for a few months.
So yes, I'm not fishing this weekend but that's ok. It won't be long until I can fish again. Next weekend I'm back in PA for a nephews birthday. Thankfully, he lives 5 minutes from the LeTort. 
Marc Hutzell